The Coffery is a local endeavor that offers the most unique opportunity for patrons to participate in the “coffee experience”. We offer everything from roasting observation, cupping classes designed for patrons to explore coffees from around the world, a retail area to purchase freshly roasted coffees; ground or whole bean, a full-service coffee bar with all hand-crafted drinks, a luxurious back porch to meet with friends or just commune with nature and dogs are welcome! Our chef is preparing dishes to complement our many varied coffees. High quality offerings will make your mouth water. If you commute to work, you can stop by our drive through, pick up your favorite morning drink, a breakfast wrap and even take our lunch special with you for later in the day. If you want to meet with colleagues or friends over breakfast or lunch we have the perfect spot. Our conference room is equipped with working boards, presentation display on a high definition screen and podium for leading discussions. As you can see we are not just another coffeehouse. We have teamed with Louisiana Roasting Company to offer high quality freshly roasted organic coffees to our community. We promise this will be a coffee experience like no other. Please come and join us. We would love to show you around!